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All4Green ecosystem tailoring and Simulation tool

All4Green ecosystem tailoring and Simulation tool

This group of project activities is focused on integrating and testing developed software modules into All4Green ecosystem capable of interoperating with end-user, data centre and energy producer legacy systems. In order to facilitate the integration environment, the set-up a technological framework for the definition and development of agents will be performed (utilization of existing Open Source agent frameworks will be considered) including:

  • To develop a dedicated end user-agent in order to endorse the Green-SLAs policies described in WP3 in the interaction between data centre management system and end-user entity.
  • To develop a dedicated energy provider agent to act as the energy provider within the data centre for the application of the peak control model described in WP4.
  • To develop negotiation algorithms amongst federated data centres with respect to dynamic distribution of load to minimize energy consumption while meeting Green-SLAs.

In addition to this integrated environment, All4Green will develop a simulation tool able to demonstrate the interaction between the sub-ecosystems and the reaction of the data centre system after specific stimulation by applying common and extreme conditions.

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