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All4Green in Summary

All4Green will:
  • Create a software system, including agent based technology to optimize the interactions between all actors in the data centre ecosystem:
    • The solution is a modular plug-in that can be used on data centres of all computing styles
    • The plug-in is data centre automation/monitoring framework agnostic (capitalizing on components developed in FIT4Green project)
    • The solution will be deployed using minimal resources inside the data centre and will have Web interface for external actors (ICT end users and power provider)
  • Promote the pervasive spread of Green-SLAs with users and therefore:
    • Increase degrees of freedom for data centre energy optimizations
    • Lower data centre energy consumption
    • Allow the data centre to exchange energy plans with power provider and save money through “special offers”
  • Demonstrate the viability of lower prices of services for users accepting Green-SLAs
    • Contribute to power provider/producer efficiency
    • Data centre is a large power consumer and can heavily contribute to Power production balancing and affect energy source mix
    • Workload deferring based on shared Power Plans
    • The power provider will pay back the data centre with discounted power prices and incentives for collaboration
  • Contribute to the adoption of data centre federation as a mean of improving Green-SLAs
    • Workload migration based on shared Power Plans

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