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Trial activities

Trial activities

The project will demonstrate each one of the three main research challenges through a focused trial to be run in the following test beds:

  • Traditional Data centre Energy Provider & Green-SLAs: The AKT Trial, jointly implemented by AKT, SWP and University of Passau, is focused on the DC/energy provider interoperability aspects, i.e.:
    • Peak load detection and metering on the different layers of DC operation
    • Communication settling between the data centre and the energy provider
    • Feasibility check of the created monitoring and management processes.
  • Data centre Federation: The Wind trial is focused on evaluating the ICT energy reduction efforts within the DC ecosystem in a cooperating federation of data centres sites.
  • Cloud Data Centre & Green-SLAs: HP Italy Innovation Centre will use its lab-grade cloud infrastructure as test bed for the cloud specific Green-SLA experimentation, to assess its technical impacts, and the interaction with a cloud automation framework for enacting ALL4Green specific energy saving actions.

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