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Assessment of technological environments in All4Green testbeds

Thu, 2014-02-27 17:14 -- MehdiAben

The effectiveness of the software components implemented has been evaluated, according to the results of research tasks carried ahead. The effectiveness is assessed through the execution of two trial cycles, where we measure the actual energy and/or emission savings obtained by application of the All4Green technology. The trials are run into three physical testbeds, each one representing a specific scenario and a specific type of optimization among the ones made possible by the All4Green components.
Each of the two trials execution follows a methodology going through an initial assessment of the testbed sites, a definition and setup of the testbeds, a specification of the testing methodology and the actual execution of test cases. At the end of the first test phase, results were collected and turned into a set of recommendations fed back into the workpackages concerning design and development, to provide refinements.

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