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Data Centre Federation sub-ecosystem components

Thu, 2014-02-27 17:13 -- MehdiAben

In this task, we have specified models for federation contracts, agent policies and behaviours for the data centre federation. The purpose of this federation is to aid in the achievement of a better federation-wide energy consumption and emissions reduction, without loss of quality of service agreed between with IT customers, while maintaining the profitability for individual data centres.
We have extended the GreenSLA contract model to include required data centre compliance terms, and realized a suitable federation contract model for Workload Services Outsourcing Agreements (WSOAs). We have defined a set of three basic federated data centre agent negotiation policies, one for remote allocation, two for outsourcing and insourcing workload by means of live or cold migration. Furthermore, the corresponding data centre agent behaviours have been defined.
In addition to the basic negotiation policies defined, three extensions to the functionality within the federation have been proposed. Firstly, we investigated the potential benefits of a broker element within the federation. We showed the additional value of using semi-private data within the broker element and using the broker element itself as an initiator of negotiations in the federation. Secondly, we investigated the use of mechanisms to predict workloads in a data centre in order to better anticipate upon workload exchanges. Here, we concluded that more simulations and an in-depth analysis of their results is needed in the last phase of the All4Green trials, in order to further validate current results. Finally, we have shown federation performance measurements by means of simulation with the help of a federation simulator. The simulations show a considerable impact of the federation upon total carbon emissions, and a small further improvement of emissions thanks to the ability of brokers to prioritize the outsourcing of workload from data centres in energy saving (ES) mode towards data centres in energy extra (EE) mode.

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