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Thu, 2014-02-27 17:10 -- MehdiAben

The All4Green project defined an initial set of use cases and requirements. A comparative approach was taken in order to provide the foundation for an outlook for the other works in the project in the form of use cases.

The concept of metrics for the final evaluation of the project was substantially developed and enhanced along the project: First the initial metrics were put in the context of a model of the All4Green eco-system which helped identify missing concepts. Additionally to that, the leading environmental metric of CO2 emissions was amended by a metric grasping nuclear energy. And finally most of the monitoring gaps identified in the first step were closed by new metrics, for instance relating to efficiency of the option of shifting workload to federated data centres.

The green contracts were analyzed and further developed. Both, the concepts of GreenSDA and GreenSLA were further explored within the All4Green, and for both concepts options to amend new parameters (new collaboration procedures between actors, new contexts for flexibility purposes) improving their efficacy. The necessity to show the economic benefit of the suggested approaches was also made part of the research agenda.

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