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GFI Informática, Spain


GFI Informática with more than 1,300 professionals is part of GFI Informatique, an international IT services group operating in 10 countries and employing over 10,000 professionals. GFI provides IT solutions to its clients in all matters relating to Information Systems, Consulting, Design, Development and Implementation, Evolutive and Corrective Maintenance, and the support systems and applications in production.

University of Mannheim, Germany

University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim in Germany is a strongly research-oriented university with about 12,000 students and 120 professors. Independent rankings consistently rank it as the best school in Germany for Business Administration and one of the top ten universities for Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science currently has 15 mostly professors and a strong record in application-oriented research. The core competence of the Software Engineering Group at the University of Mannheim is the model-driven development of components and component based systems. The group currently has several projects underway aimed at enhancing the KobrA method and has participated in a number of EU funded projects like DRAGON, DIADEM and GridEcon.

University of Passau, Germany

University of Passau

The University of Passau in Germany was founded in 1978 which has recently built up an IT Centre of €15 million. It exchanges programs with approximately 120 Universities worldwide. Three out of its four Faculties are ranked among the top ten of their respective peer Faculties in Germany. In addition to many internationally funded projects, University of Passau has been a member of several Networks of Excellence. University of Passau has already successfully carried out pre-studies in energy efficient home networks and has also successfully carried out research in the area of energy-efficient communication protocols.

Hewlett-Packard Italiana srl – Italy Innovation & Transformation Centre (IITC)

Hewlett-Packard Italiana

HP is the largest ICT technology Company worldwide. HP’s offering spans from printing and digital entertainment solutions, through personal computing, software, services and ICT infrastructure. Founded in 1939 in Palo Alto, California, where its headquarters are, HP employs more than 304.000 professionals, working in more than 170 countries, across six continents. HP was ranked n.10 in the 2010 Fortune ranking, and n.1 on Newsweek’s 2009 list of the Greenest Big Companies in America.



Almende is an information and communication technology research company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Almende performs fundamental research on complex networks of people, ICT systems and multi-agent systems (MAS); results are applied and evaluated in amongst others the energy-efficient data center management domain. These results involve novel adaptation and self-organization principles for MAS, fostering and establishing synergy among people and ICT systems.

Technical University of Catalonia, UPC


The BAMPLA Research Group belongs to the Department of Telematics Engineering of the Technical University of Catalonia. The research group is recognized as a consolidated research group by the Catalonian Government (2005SGR00016), and by the UPC itself. The research of the group focuses in the field of resource management and allocation, virtualization, traffic modeling and network measurements, medium access control protocols, congestion control algorithms for transport protocols and media services in high speed IP networks. Currently the group has more than twenty members.

Research Group

Stadtwerke Passau (SWP)

Stadtwerke Passau

The roots of Stadtwerke Passau (SWP) date back to the year 1882. At the moment, SWP employs more than 300 people. As a local energy provider, SWP provides services in the areas of electricity, natural gas, water, heat, pools, public transport, passenger shipping, telecommunications and car parks. For SWP, environmental awareness and the environment itself have been top-priority aspects for a long time. For example, SWP fosters modern heat production methods and the integration of renewable energy sources.

Innowerk-IT GmbH

Innowerk-IT GmbH

Innowerk-IT is an owner managed, medium-sized IT company based in the Lower Bavarian university and "three river city" of Passau. Innowerk-IT GmbH provides software- based business process optimization, solutions for sales channel- and product distribution control, and modules for controlling and enhancing sales performance - in IT, administration, POS, and in the various sales channels. The offered hosting services of Innowerk-IT cover server, storage and network operations, system monitoring and management. With at present about 200 physical and 400 virtual server systems, the data centre of Innowerk-IT GmbH is one of the biggest and most powerful in its local area.

WIND telecomunicazioni S.p.A.


WIND Innovation Lab (W.I.L) is the strategic marketing and technological innovation centre of Wind created in mid 2008. The scope is to propose new services that could leverage disruptive technologies. This requires continuously scouting business ideas and technologies and monitoring the IT, TLC, CE, Internet and Media markets and regulatory trends. Ideas are developed through business modelling and product concept definition and proof-of-concept and fast-prototyping are achieved through Lab and field trial activities and product proposals are presented to the company functions for commercial deployment. WIL maintains stable cooperation with leading research centres in Europe and with the European Commission


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